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What is Dram Shop?

Dram Shop

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In the state of Florida, a dram shop case occurs when an alcohol addict has been over-served by an establishment. If the establishment or the bartender has reasonable knowledge that the patron consuming the alcohol is an alcoholic, then that establishment can be held liable for knowingly providing alcohol to a habitual addict.

Typically, if a bartender continues to serve the person over an amount to where the patron exhibits two or more signs that they are visibly intoxicated, then a bartender can be held liable, along with the establishment that served the addict according to the dram shop laws in the State of Florida.

Additionally, Florida can hold vendors and establishments accountable for serving alcohol to minors or to alcohol-addicted persons that cause an injury either to themselves or to other people. However, that does not extend liability to the host who served alcohol at a private gathering.

These types of cases are known as dram shop cases and claims, which fall under personal injury cases in the state of Florida. Some of the expenses which can be compensated for in a dram shop claim include medical expenses, lost wages, and any drunk driver injuries in traffic.

The statute of limitations on dram shop cases in the state of Florida is four years. If you or a loved one have been injured, please call us at Orlando Accident Attorney at 407-706-3909 or contact us online.