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In the state of Florida, sexual assault is the unwanted sexual contact made against another. It includes unwanted sexual acts regarding oral, anal, or vaginal penetration by another or a foreign object. These types of assaults typically occur when a person forces themselves on to another in a sexual act against the other person’s will.

When heinous acts like this occur, the victims of the sexual assault are permanently changed forever. It causes great shame and emotional trauma that can torture the psyche of the victim for a lifetime. In the state of Florida, the “forcing of unwanted sexual activity on another individual through coercion or threats” can include penalties such as criminal charges, in addition to the civil liability of the person, employee, or organization. It is considered a felony in the state of Florida that can be charged as a capital or life felony with a possibility of imprisonment. 

In addition to the sexual assault, and offender may be prohibited from subsidized housing, they may be limited in employment opportunities, could lose their current employment, and could be placed on a sex offender registration status, whereby local neighbors would know who they are and where they live.

After a conviction of a sex crime in the state of Florida, the defendant is required to register as a sex offender in a database that is regularly available to law enforcement and the public. Their information is updated regarding place of employment and place of residency. They are typically prevented from living near schools or other places as well.

Here at the Orlando Accident Attorney, we are plaintiff’s attorneys for the victims of sexual assault. We have represented countless clients against organizations regarding clergy abuse claims, human trafficking claims, and sexual assault claims. If you or a loved one have been injured by a sexual assault, please call us at 407-706-3909.

Date: 5/13/2022

Author: Brandon Salter, Esq.