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Nursing Home Abuse Personal Injury

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Nursing home abuse cases occur when an elderly family member is placed into either hospice or a living facility for the elderly and that person receives improper medical treatment that leads to injuries and damages, which allow for that person to receive compensation. Because the nursing home abuse cases are often times egregious, it is preferable to work with an attorney so that you properly understand the procedure and substance of the matter for filing suit against the nursing home.[1]

The type of abuse can occur in many ways, verbally, physically, or psychologically.[2] The extent of the damages depends on several factors including: (1) the type of trauma that one undergoes while not being able to receive the proper care and treatment that is owed, (2) leaving one in a state where they are subject to injury, or (3) neglecting to properly staff and supervise the facility.

Also, most of the time, facilities understand that they must maintain a ratio sufficient to take care of all of the elderly patients that are at the facility. However, in many cases of elder abuse at a nursing home, the situation is such whereby there is a form of understaffing[3] or lack of supervision,[4] and one of the patients at the nursing home is severely injured, typically due to a fall or some form of neglect that leads to an injury to the elderly person.

For example, one of the leading injuries in nursing home abuse cases is the lack of sanitization of sleeping and living areas. The failure to properly wash sheets or change the bedpans of the elderly patients can most often lead to bedsores that become infected on an elderly person. Because the elderly are highly susceptible to infection due to a lower immune system, this can lead to severe injuries and even death in some cases. Another example would be the neglect of an elderly person by failing to assist them in things such as bathing or moving from one location to another.

There are two types of nursing home abuse cases, criminal and civil claims. Here at the Orlando Accident Attorney, we help clients litigate the civil type of claims. Many civil claims include personal injury for the type of examples and abuses listed above.

Some things that are necessary for the litigation against a nursing home if you or a loved one have been injured by nursing home abuse are medical records, photographs, witnesses, and the consent form signed by either the client or the family. Each of these documents or items are necessary for the proper investigation of a potential nursing home claim.

So, if you are a loved one have been injured by nursing home abuse, please call us here at the Orlando Accident Attorney at 407-706-3909.

Date: 4/8/22

Author: Brandon Salter

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