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Michael Brady Lynch, Esq., Donates $2,500 to IDignity


In April the Orlando Accident Attorney, Michael Brady Lynch, Esq., donated a $2,500 contribution to IDignity.  “Orlando Accident Attorney is proud to associate with this very worthy Central Florida non-profit”, said Lynch. “IDignity serves a crucial and oftentimes overlooked segment of the needs of Central Florida residents.”

About IDignity:

It is estimated that 11% of all US adult citizens do not possess a valid government-issued photo ID or driver’s license. This includes over 117,000 adults in Orange County, FL alone.

IDignity, a non-profit located in Orlando, FL seeks to help those in need of obtaining legal proof of their identity in order to obtain government-issued identification so that they may access education, employment, housing, healthcare, banking, social services, and numerous other opportunities. Their goal is to ensure that all citizens and legal immigrants in Central Florida, whether adults or children have access to their essential identification documents and the opportunities that come with them. Without reducing the necessary requirements for obtaining identification documents, IDignity specifically seeks to assist those that cannot overcome the barriers to obtaining identification on their own at no cost to the client.   IDignity comes alongside the client and works as their legal advocate until they are able to solve their identification crisis. In the past 14 years they have served over 25,500 unique clients in overcoming their identification 

One of the most compelling stories comes from an individual named David. David (not real name) was about to be discharged from AdventHealth at the exact same time Florida was expecting one of its rare but brutal cold snaps. With no home and no identification, David had nowhere to wait out the cold when he left AdventHealth. Luckily for David, his AdventHealth case manager reached out to IDignity. With some help from the Orange County Tax Collector’s office, IDignity was able to get David an appointment for the same day as his release. With his case manager’s help, David was able to use that ID to get into a shelter for the cold weekend.

“IDignity is only able to serve our clients in need because of faithful donors like the Orlando Accident Attorney Group. We are fortunate to have Michael and the team’s support and look forward to this community partnership” said Anne Taylor, director of philanthropy for IDignity. 

The contribution from the Orlando Accident Attorney will allow IDignity to assist seven clients in retaining legal proof of their identity! If you would like to help, please visit www.idignity.org to learn more.

About Orlando Accident Attorney:

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