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Hiring an Attorney: There’s No Fee Unless We Win


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In the United States, automobile accidents happen every day. Commonly, a client will want to sign with an attorney if they have been injured in the accident. But, prior to signing with any law firm is the commonly asked question: what will I owe the attorney to represent me? 

When you work with us, there is absolutely no fee to be paid unless we win. This is known as a contingency agreement. In a contingency agreement contract, the attorney provides all of the labor upfront, works the case up from pretrial through discovery all the way to trial, if necessary, and settlement. Unless the attorney wins the case and there is a settlement, the client does not pay a dime and is not obligated to pay any amount of compensation to the attorney.

Here at the Orlando Accident Attorney, we litigate all forms of personal injury automobile accidents. We have the experience that you need and we represent our clients zealously. 

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