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Personal Injury: What is a negligent security claim?


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Negligent security claims occur when a person suffers a personal injury to their body because of the lack of security cameras or safe conditions in the parking lot of premises like a grocery store chains or convenience stores.

Under Florida State Statute §768.0705, a convenience store owner should have security measures in place for a rebuttable presumption against the liability of some things such as a crime or a personal injury at the time in which it happens.[1]

To avoid crimes and other forms of preventable personal injury claims on the premises, a property owner has the duty to make sure that there is a sufficient amount of security. This would mean that the owner should have security guards or loss prevention guards on site at the entrances of a store or has taken the necessary measures to install security cameras in the parking lot and inside of the store.[2]

When the property owner does not take the type of steps to include these security measures, then their standard of care for the business invitee on the premises falls beneath the standard of a reasonably prudent person that is in a similar situation.

If a breach of this duty to provide security in the parking lot area or on the premises of the property results in a personal injury, then the property owner can be held liable for negligence security. When this does occur, the person that is injured in the personal injury accident may then sue the property owner for that breach of the duty that was owed to them.

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